Edition 3 (Sept/Oct 2017)

• Cheap ‘n’ Nasty (aka Rusty) Vespa
• Roads to Moscow Pt 2, Lambretta touring
• 70 years of Lambretta (with exclusive images of the Innocenti factory)
• Stuff We Like
• Vespa World Days
• Classic road test – luxury scooters (Durkopp Diana Vs Lambretta LD AVV)
• 13th Giro Dei Tre Mari
• Lambretta Larger Frame (Series 2 for tall people!)
• 21st Century Vespa Gran Sport
• Lambretta Siluro (1951 Record Breaker)
• Every Picture Tells A Story
• Discworld (show-winning custom Lambretta painted by John Spurgeon)


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