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SN15_ContentsEdition 15, published 23 August 2019

Inside will be even more in-depth articles that can only be found in ScooterNova magazine, including:

•  A stunning custom Lambretta
•  Tuning a small block Vespa engine
•  Classic Lambretta sidecars
•  An obscure English scooter
•  ScooterExpo review
•  Bring Me Sunshine (LD built for touring in a garagista style)
•  Norries Kerr rides Milano to Taranto
•  Big 7 and Landudno scooter rallies
• Scooter touring adventures
• PLUS the Pondering Prince, events, reviews of stuff we like and loads more we’re still riding, writing and photographing as we speak –  all wrapped up inside a very special cover design indeed, that you may well have watched Dave Dickinson of DDK Airbrushing painting at ScooterExpo recently!