Next time

Edition 12 of ScooterNova magazine is due to be published on 26 February 2019.
Among the many articles inside will be an amazing ride on old Lambrettas up to one of the highest driveable roads in the world, a custom Vespa PX tribute to a fallen brother, a tidy Lambretta Series 1 and sidecar built in a shed, Iggy’s long-term test review of his Quattrini-kitted Lambretta,  a gorgeous Vespa GS150 VS3, the rare world of period go-faster parts for Lambretta C and D models (from the Innocenti archives), a look at the rare German Kroboth scooter, the VCB RRC, 2018’s BSM championships, and more from the Pondering Prince.
Plus a few other useful articles on riding, fitting and wearing, based as always on the amount of scooter riding we at ScooterNova magazine do.

You can pre-order your copy now.