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ScooterExpo our joint event with Sluk on 28 July 2019

some of our friends’ websites…

Action Scooters (film & TV vehicle hire)
BSRA (British Scooter Rallies Association)
Crusader Promotions (merchandise printing)
Lambretta Club Great Britain (LCGB)
Museo Scooter e Lambretta (Lambretta & Scooter Museum, Milan)
Scooter Help useful online resource for maintenance and info
Scooter Products (manuals, books, memorabilia etc) & Lambretta Museum
SLUK (Scooter Lab UK)
Vespa Club of Britain (VCB)
Veteran Vespa Club (VVC)
VFM (scooterists’ scooter event organisers)

other independent PTW magazines

Sideburn magazine
Retro-RR magazine